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Blacks Club: Tradition Meets the Future in Soho, London


In the dynamic epicenter of Soho, London, resides an extraordinary haven – Blacks Club. As the vibrant heart of Westminster City, Soho upholds a heritage born of 19th-century British aristocracy and has blossomed into an entertainment powerhouse over the years. The legacy of a bygone era remains beautifully intact within Soho’s colorful streets, historic landmarks, and culture-rich venues.  The district is renowned for its unique blend of creativity and innovation, taking pride in being the entertainment scene of London with its theatres, music venues, and vibrant clubs. 


The Historic Allure of Blacks Club

Blacks Club, housed in a splendid Georgian townhouse on 67 Dean Street in Soho, boasts a remarkable history. Built-in 1732 by John Meard Jnr., an apprentice to the esteemed architect Sir Christopher Wren, the townhouse has been a backdrop to many fascinating stories. It was once the dwelling of Charles Fortnum of the iconic Fortnum & Mason.

The club’s roots trace back to 1764 when Samuel Johnson, David Garrick, and Joshua Reynolds established a supper club. Fast forward to 1992, Tom Bantock, a renowned Norfolk poacher, breathed new life into the club, establishing “Blacks Club.” Its name served as an audacious statement, opposing the exclusivity of White’s Club, renowned for its stringent membership policies. Many of the early members of Blacks Club, it is said, were those who had been ‘black-balled’ from White or those who considered themselves ‘black sheep’ of the traditional establishments, finding a welcoming and distinctive haven within Blacks Club. As a contrasting presence to White’s Club, London’s oldest gentlemen’s club, Blacks Club was one of the first gentlemen’s clubs to warmly welcome individuals from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, embracing diversity and inclusivity.

With this pioneering move, Blacks Club did not merely merge with Soho’s inclusive spirit but blazed a trail for others to follow. It was a loud declaration of the club’s commitment to upholding the principles of diversity and equality. The club became a space where tradition and progression intertwined, fostering intellectual dialogue and a sense of community could flourish, irrespective of race or origin.

Blacks Club quickly gained a reputation as a ‘louche’ bohemian haven over the next two decades. In 2014, the club saw another significant turn. The new proprietors sought to restore the building to its original Georgian grandeur and revitalize its 18th-century roots as a supper club.


Merging Tradition with Innovation in Soho with NFTs

With its spirit deeply rooted in the vibrant energy of Soho, Blacks Club continues to offer a refuge filled with character, engaging conversation, and memorable experiences. By embracing the future and integrating NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, into its membership model, the club has added a fresh layer of innovation that enriches rather than replaces its historical allure. Notably, it is the only club that utilizes NFTs as a membership form. In the digital age, Blacks Club succeeds in preserving and enhancing its original charm, merging tradition with modernity in a unique way. In this blend of the old and the new, Blacks Club embodies the wild and wonderful spirit it has always been known for.
NFTs are unique digital certificates that give true ownership. Unlike copies, the NFT represents the original item. These tokens are secured in a wallet only accessible by the owner and backed by blockchain technology, the Internet 3.0. It represents the equivalent of owning an original painting in a world where identical prints abound. 
Blacks Club has harnessed the innovative potential of NFTs, integrating them as a fundamental part of its membership process. The use of NFTs exemplifies a perfect fusion of technology and exclusivity in membership, also underlining the club’s commitment to innovation and adaptability. At Blacks Club, owning an NFT is synonymous with an exclusive membership. Each NFT serves as a digital membership card, representing a unique stake in the club’s legacy and a step toward the future. 

This bold initiative not only adds a secure, verifiable, and authentic dimension to the membership experience but also creates an engaging bond between the club and its members. By embracing NFTs, the Blacks Club embraces innovation and continues to welcome creative, innovative, and nonconformist thinkers and doers.
The beauty of Blacks Club’s approach lies in its harmonious balance, upholding its historic charm while embracing modern technology. Blacks Club’s leap into the digital sphere is not a departure from its roots but a seamless integration of the new with the old, keeping its historical allure intact. This move is a testament to its ability to adapt to the times without compromising its original essence.
In the heart of Soho, Blacks Club is an enduring beacon of progress and change, forever a pioneer. As the club continues to pave the way, it invites members and visitors alike to embark on a journey of discovery where innovation and tradition converge to create an extraordinary experience like no other.
‍‍A Global Journey from Soho to the World

Blacks Club plans to expand globally, bringing the essence of Soho, London, to diverse locations worldwide. This move will create a global community that can experience the captivating atmosphere and embraces the rich heritage of the Blacks Club. This expansion is envisaged as a dynamic cultural exchange, a cross-pollination of ideas and traditions that allow members to experience the spirit of the Blacks Club, irrespective of geographical boundaries.



As we conclude the exploration of Blacks Club, its unique blend of tradition and innovation comes into sharp focus. The club represents Soho’s transformative energy, acting as a space where history is woven into the present, and timeless elegance intersects with the cutting-edge. As a champion of diversity and intellectual freedom, it has become a haven for thinkers, creators, and trailblazers. Furthermore, Blacks Club’s forward-thinking ethos is exemplified by its pioneering adoption of NFTs as a form of membership, a move that underlines its innovative spirit while maintaining respect for its historical roots. In essence, Blacks Club, through its dynamic narrative, stands as a testament to continuous evolution and adaptability, beautifully encapsulating the rich and diverse spirit of Soho, London.

Stay tuned for our upcoming article, where we’ll take a comprehensive look at NFTs, exploring their revolutionary role in transforming industries and presenting various practical use cases.