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CLC & Partners at Blockchain Ireland Week


CLC & Partners had the privilege and pleasure of participating in Blockchain Ireland Week 2023, a prominent event in the global blockchain and Web3 landscape. The event was held in Dublin, Ireland, a fitting backdrop given Ireland’s distinction as a ‘leader’ on the United Nations’ list of technologically advanced countries.

The event gathered a select mix of individuals from around the world – innovators pushing the boundaries of technology, investors keen on supporting the next big idea, regulators striving for a balanced and effective governance framework, and policymakers dedicated to enabling a conducive environment for blockchain technologies.


Sharing Visions and Building Futures 

One of the event’s distinguished guests was Minister Michael McGrath TD from the Department of Finance Ireland. Further enhancing the dialogue were notable representatives from global crypto giants like BinancePolygonRippleAlgorand and Circle. Additionally, the presence of Brian McGleenon from Yahoo! Finance, along with cybersecurity experts and industry pioneers, enriched the discourse with their unique insights and perspectives.

This exciting journey presented us with various connections, platforms for exchanging visions, and the privilege to express our vision to a global audience. Our participation highlighted the importance of such events in advancing the blockchain and Web3 industries.


Shaping an Inclusive Future

The event was a powerhouse for innovation as our team initiated and participated in crucial conversations with emerging and established entities within the Web3 sphere. The conference resonated with lively discussions on various sectors like supply chain management and public governance, underlining blockchain’s potential impact.
The “Women in Blockchain” panel was among the highlights of Blockchain Ireland Week. Moderated by Ciara O’Brien from the Irish Times, the panel featured an esteemed line-up of speakers who shared their unique perspectives and proposed actionable strategies to promote greater inclusion in the tech industry. As a firm that actively champions women in transformative technologies, we at CLC & Partners found the discussion insightful and empowering. 
In the spirit of promoting diversity and inclusivity in the tech and business world, it is noteworthy to mention that two key members of our team, our Chief Creative Officer, Isabell Wermescher, and our Chief Compliance Officer, Tiana Whitehouse, are active members of the Association for Women in Crypto. Their involvement in the association embodies our commitment to encouraging more women to explore and excel in the exciting worlds of blockchain and deep tech.
Listening to such female leaders discuss their pioneering roles and projects was insightful and resonated with our values. We appreciate that forums like this offer a platform to share insights, challenges, and success stories, encouraging more women to participate and excel in business and the blockchain industry. Through such dialogues, we can create a more inclusive future where the next generation of women leaders feels empowered to make their mark and contributions.
‍‍Staying Ahead of the Curve

The conference provided a dynamic networking platform, facilitating engaging dialogues with numerous professionals in the industry. The alliances forged during these conversations have left us enthusiastic about the prospect of these relationships’ growth. As we continue to broaden our influence in the Web3 and business sectors, we remain dedicated to utilizing these relationships to extend our reach and provide a prosperous future for all stakeholders.

The event also fostered a deeper understanding of our current alliances, allowing us to identify potential areas for collaboration and joint growth. The diverse perspectives and expertise presented throughout the conference highlighted the transformative potential of integrating various technologies, methodologies, and industry standards in our operations. This was particularly relevant as we engaged in rich discussions about emerging trends in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and the broader digital economy. These conversations served as a catalyst for us to stay ahead of the curve and continue delivering the best for our clients.


Our Exclusive Link & Drink Event 

Our participation at the Blockchain Ireland Week 2023 wouldn’t have been complete without our exclusive “Link & Drink” event. Held at the remarkable Teeling Whiskey Distillery, this event provided an excellent platform for more than remarkable 50 attendees to network and engage in more engaging and lively conversations.

Attendees included the dedicated organizers of Blockchain Ireland Week, the creative minds and founders of the leading platforms, and a variety of business leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and CEOs from across the global blockchain and Web3 sectors. Their presence added to the richness of the conversations, and our event became a breeding ground for the innovations to come.

The balanced representation of both men and women made the event even more special. Reflecting on the theme of the ‘Women in Blockchain and Web3’ panel, it was heartening to see an equal gender ratio, mirroring our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion. This elevated the quality of discussions and reinforced our belief in the importance of equal representation in the industry. We would like to extend our profound gratitude towards Amanda Wick, the Founder and CEO of The Association for Women In Crypto for her presence at Link & Drink. The event was crowned with an unforgettable after-party, with attendees enjoying the convivial atmosphere, all while making meaningful connections in the vibrant setting.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our attendees for making this event enjoyable, engaging, and productive. Observing the fruitful discussions that unfolded and witnessing the formation of new connections and partnerships, we are energized and excited for what lies ahead. We look forward to turning these promising connections into successful collaborations, shaping a more diverse and inclusive future in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors.


Reflecting on our participation, we are filled with deep gratitude, strengthened by the relationships we have built, and we take pride in our active role in the industry’s evolution. The event reaffirmed our commitment to staying ahead of the curve, collaborating for a better future, and pursuing excellence in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. It has also underlined the importance of diversity and inclusion, showcasing the power of different voices and perspectives in shaping the future of technology and business.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the organizers of Blockchain Ireland Week, the speakers, and all the attendees, including our Link & Drink event. The insights shared, the alliances forged, and the ideas sparked during these events have left a profound impact on us and will guide and strengthen our endeavors as we move forward.

Our signature “Link & Drink” event has become a cherished tradition for us, offering an unparalleled networking opportunity and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for spontaneous and profound discussions. We plan to continue hosting these events in the future, fostering an environment that encourages open-minded dialogue, collaboration, and innovation.

We are proud to have participated in numerous dynamic and insightful events to date. These experiences have continually broadened our horizons, deepened our understanding, and connected us with innovators, thought leaders, and key figures sharing our vision worldwide. They have offered us valuable insights and partnerships and facilitated meaningful exchanges of ideas that have contributed to our success.

As we look to the future, we are excited about the opportunities that await us. We are committed to being active contributors to the industry, and we eagerly anticipate the potential collaborations that these events will continue to bring. With every discussion, every connection, and every partnership, we are one step closer to realizing our vision for a more inclusive, innovative, and sustainable future in the world of blockchain and deep technology.

The Key Takeaways From the Article

  • CLC & Partners actively participated in Blockchain Ireland Week 2023, a significant global event in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector.

  • The event served as an ideal platform for knowledge exchange and partnership building, enabling meaningful conversations with Innovators, investors, regulators, policymakers, and representatives from leading platforms.

  • The event offered extensive opportunities for networking and dialogue with representatives from global crypto giants and industry pioneers.

  • The “Women in Blockchain” panel was a highlight, promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, a cause championed and embraced deeply by the CLC & Partners team.

  • The conference fostered discussions about emerging trends in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and the digital economy, contributing to our commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

  • CLC & Partners successfully hosted the exclusive “Link & Drink” event, fostering rich conversations and promoting diversity and inclusion. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the attendees for their participation and meaningful exchanges.

  • We are dedicated to continuing our tradition of hosting the “Link & Drink” event, creating an atmosphere promoting dialogue, collaboration, and innovation.

  • Reflecting on our participation, we express a commitment to being at the forefront of the industry’s advancements, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence in the Web3, blockchain, and deep tech sectors. We express our gratitude to the hosts of Blockchain Ireland Week and all attendees for their participation and the enriching dialogues and connections.

  • Participation in numerous events and dialogues in the tech industry has been an enriching experience for us. We remain enthusiastic about attending future events, continually expanding our connections, and contributing to shaping the future of the blockchain and deep technology sectors.