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CLC & Partners and CUDO Ventures Form a Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Web3 Growth and Promote Sustainability

CLC & Partners and CUDO Ventures are proud to announce their strategic partnership, aimed at accelerating Web3 growth, fostering sustainable business practices, and empowering businesses to harness Web3 opportunities. By combining their strengths, they aim to deliver comprehensive services that cater to a wide array of business and technical aspects, all while emphasizing shared values of quality, expertise, customer focus, and ethical practices.

CLC & Partners, a leading deep tech and business consulting firm, specializes in tailored solutions for businesses transitioning to Web3. CUDO Ventures, a pioneer in decentralized cloud computing, sustainability solutions, and monetization applications, shares a mutual goal with CLC & Partners to drive Web3 adoption and create a sustainable, interconnected world through Web3 technologies.

This synergistic alliance provides businesses with the best possible means to achieve success through a wide range of services in both the business and Web3 landscape. The partnership aims to foster a healthy ecosystem and promote long-term growth.

CLC & Partners’ back-to-basics approach emphasizes revenue generation, operations improvement, strategy development, and the creation of viable deep tech businesses built on ethical principles, effective marketing strategies, and industry-leading standards. This aligns seamlessly with CUDO Ventures’ commitment to sustainability, connecting underutilized hardware and providing technical means and monetization applications in the Web3 space worldwide.

Pete Hill, VP of Corporate Development of CUDO Ventures, said: 

“This partnership combines our strengths and shared vision of a sustainable, interconnected world. Together, we aim to accelerate Web3 growth, empower businesses, and drive ethical innovation in the space.”

Alexander Wermescher, Founder and CEO of CLC & Partners, added:

“Collaboration is at the heart of driving innovation and success in the business landscape. CUDO Ventures connects hardware while we connect businesses, paving the way for an interconnected world powered by Web3 technology.”


CLC & Partners and CUDO Ventures aim to make a significant long-term impact in the Web3 landscape, benefiting businesses, organizations, and the wider community. They aspire to pave the way for sustainable, innovative, and lasting growth in business and Web3 technology through their strategic collaboration.

To learn more about this partnership and the services offered, please visit CLC & Partners or contact Robert Leon Karlsson, CMO at CLC & Partners via r.leon@clc.partners