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E-Commerce & Digital Marketing: The Blueprint for Dominating the Online Market

Master the digital market with our guide on E-Commerce & Digital Marketing. Learn to adapt to changing consumer behaviors and the shift towards digital advertising. Discover the power of understanding your customers and algorithms to target untapped markets effectively. Embrace new sales strategies and digital transformation for business success.

How to Know Your Customers & FREE Killer Offer Formula

Discover the key to business success with our guide on deeply understanding your customers and crafting irresistible offers. Learn to identify your Dream Buyers and implement the Free Killer Offer Formula by CLC, enhancing your market strategy and driving growth. Transform your approach to customer engagement and offer creation today.

SWOT: The Startup Strategy Guide

Explore the art of strategic planning with a SWOT analysis guide for startups. Learn to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to navigate growth and embrace successful pivoting, illustrated by Shopify and Nokia’s transformative stories.

SMB Guide to Leverage AI: A Great Opportunity

Discover the immense potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) with our comprehensive guide. Whether you’re a flower shop, bookstore, or boutique hotel, unlock the power of AI and set the stage for future innovations with CLC & Partners’ expert guidance.

Our Startup Funding Guide & A Priceless Checklist

CLC & Partners presents an insightful guide to startup fundraising, featuring expert insights from Emil Åkesson, Darren Coxon, and Robert Leon Karlsson. Dive into effective strategies, investor psychology, and real-world examples. Boost your funding chances with insights from successful entrepreneur!

The New Normal: Understanding Remote & Hybrid Work

Explore the evolution of remote and hybrid work in the post-pandemic era. Dive into its benefits, challenges, and the future of workplaces, including the role of VR and Gen Z in shaping business. Discover strategies for businesses to harness the full potential of these work models and thrive in the new normal.

​Crafting a Brand: The Strategies of Winning Hearts and Minds (Part 2)

Dive into the art of brand strategy with this comprehensive guide. From understanding the significance of vision and mission statements to crafting a powerful visual identity, discover the steps to elevate your brand from ordinary to extraordinary. Explore real-world examples, insights, and actionable steps to make your brand resonate and stand distinct in the competitive marketplace.

Crypto-Backed Mortgages: Real Estate Investments Without Liquidating Crypto Holdings

Explore the world of crypto-backed mortgages, an innovative way to leverage your cryptocurrency holdings for real estate investments without liquidating your assets. Learn about how they work, potential outcomes based on cryptocurrency price fluctuations, and their advantages and drawbacks. If you’re a long-term cryptocurrency investor interested in real estate and prefer not to sell your crypto assets, this financial strategy could be an appealing option.

How to Create a Brand: The Art and Science of Winning Hearts and Minds

Discover the art and science of brand creation with CLC & Partners! Dive deep into understanding branding concepts, the significance of vision and mission, and the importance of a consistent brand voice. Learn from iconic brands like Apple, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola to create a brand that resonates and wins hearts and minds.