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CLC & Partners at Consensus 2023 by CoinDesk, Austin, TX


CLC & Partners was excited to participate in Consensus 2023 by CoinDesk, a premier global blockchain and cryptocurrency conference that brought together thousands of attendees, from developers and investors to entrepreneurs and government officials. This three-day event in Austin, Texas, offered us an excellent platform for networking, exchanging insights, and showcasing our vision and initiatives to a global audience. With a strong presence and active engagement throughout the event, we made significant strides in expanding our network, forging new partnerships, and showcasing our expertise in the Web3 industry.

As a leading Web3 and business consultancy firm, we at CLC & Partners understand the challenges and opportunities presented by this innovative space and committed to helping our clients navigate and harness Web3 technologies. In this article, we will discuss how comprehensive Web3 and business consultancy services empower businesses to navigate and excel in the Web3 landscape. 


Engaging Talks and Emerging Trends

Six of our team members seized the opportunity to have productive discussions with both new and established projects in the Web3 industry. The event buzzed with exciting conversations in the prominent sectors, including finance and gaming, with numerous stands highlighting the latest developments in these sectors. Capitalizing on these discussions, we were able to share and gain valuable insights and perspectives, further solidifying our understanding and strategic position within the ever-evolving landscape of the Web3 industry.

We had the unique opportunity to delve into the world of on-chain games alongside our team members and newly established connections. This entertaining experience not only amplified our understanding but also offered us the experience of collaborative exploration, genuinely illustrating the potential these games hold for enhancing the gaming experience in the digital world.

Throughout our participation in the event, the distinctive charm and warmth of the Texan spirit permeated our experiences. From the enthusiastic hospitality of the locals to the vibrant culture and the lively ambiance, every aspect of the event was filled with a distinctively Texan flavor. This compelling culture further enriched our engagement with the event and its participants, ensuring that our memories of our time in Texas would be as much about the people and the place as the professional insights we gained.

In the midst of all the intellectual exchanges and insights, the event was not devoid of its fair share of delightful peculiarities. Some of the memorable highlights included the presence of Captain Kirk himself talking about blockchain, DOGE-covered supercars, DOGE-covered people, and an anti-DOGE alpaca Lefty whose charm was hard to resist. And, of course, true to the locale, a multitude of cowboy hats dotted the scene, including ours!


Meaningful Partnerships and Collaborations

During Consensus, we had a productive meeting with our partner and the leading global strategic communications agency River North. Our collaboration with River North enhances our ability to articulate our clients’ vision effectively and guarantees their success and maximum exposure.

In addition, the event served as a fertile networking platform, allowing us the opportunity to engage with numerous prominent professionals within the industry. We find ourselves invigorated by these freshly forged partnerships and connections, with keen anticipation for further cultivation of these upcoming relationships in the near term. As we strive to expand our influence in the business and Web3 industries, we remain committed to leveraging these interactions to broaden our reach and provide guidance toward a prosperous and inclusive future for all stakeholders involved. 

The Link & Drink Event by CLC & Partners and SACC TX

In collaboration with the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Texas (SACC TX), CLC & Partners successfully hosted our “Link & Drink” event and brought together like-minded professionals for a memorable evening filled with great vibes and fruitful connections. This memorable evening served as the opening dinner for Consensus 2023, hosted at Ranch 616 in Austin, Texas, and was characterized by its wealth of enthusiastic engagement and professional camaraderie.

We express our sincere gratitude to our esteemed guests, whose presence at the dinner undeniably enriched the event. As we progress, CLC & Partners remains dedicated to staging more impactful gatherings to nurture valuable professional connections and foster consensus-building among industry experts.


Looking Ahead: Blockchain Ireland Week 2023

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming Blockchain Ireland Week 2023, taking place on May 29-30. As part of this prestigious event, CLC & Partners will host a dinner at a remarkable venue, especially for all the whiskey connoisseurs. With up to 50 attendees, this exclusive gathering will foster insightful discussions and further strengthen our relationships within the business and Web3 community. Rest assured; we will provide a comprehensive insight into the event and its outcomes, sharing valuable takeaways with our audience.



Reflecting on our successful participation at Consensus 2023, CLC & Partners remains dedicated to driving blockchain innovation and delivering exceptional value to our clients and partners. Our commitment to collaboration, communication, and trailblazing solutions positions us at the forefront of the industry. We look forward to the future with great excitement and anticipate further advancements as we continue our journey in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.

The Key Takeaways From the Article

  • CLC & Partners had a successful presence at Consensus 2023, a premier global blockchain and cryptocurrency conference. This provided a valuable platform for us to expand our network, establish new partnerships, and showcase our expertise in the Web3 industry.

  • Engaging in productive discussions with both new and established projects in the Web3 industry was a notable highlight. We experienced and discovered on-chain games and their potential to enhance digital gaming experiences.

  • CLC & Partners had a productive meeting with River North, a leading global strategic communications agency. Our collaboration aims to improve the articulation of our clients’ visions and ensure the effective presentation of their projects.

  • CLC & Partners hosted a successful “Link & Drink” event with the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Texas (SACC TX). This gathering aimed to foster valuable professional connections and consensus-building among industry experts.

  • CLC & Partners will be participating in the upcoming Blockchain Ireland Week 2023. We will host an exclusive dinner gathering to foster insightful discussions and strengthen relationships within the business and Web3 community.

  • CLC & Partners is committed to driving blockchain innovation, providing exceptional value to clients and partners, and pioneering the future of business and the Web3 industry.

Stay tuned for more updates as CLC & Partners continue to pioneer the future of business and the Web3 industry!